Land and Sea

Released 2005
“Sandy Morris – Music from Land and Sea”
Fourteen evocative pieces from CBC’s Newfoundland’s Land and Sea television series.

1. On the Beach – Opening Theme (Air version)
2. The Dance
3. 1000 Roads
4. The Badger Drive
5. Borealis
6. Aulatsivik
7. Honey Bee Waltz
8. Petite Suite
9. Peregrine
10. Stitches
11. Falabella
12. Bonay
13. On the Beach – Opening Theme (Ext. version)
14. Freestyle – Closing Theme (30 sec. sample)

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“The music has added another level to the stories—it deepens the sense of place and mood.”
Sandy Morris

“Sandy’s brilliance as a guitar man is matched only
by his brilliance of human spirit.”
Larry Foley, The Punters

Versatile musician and composer Sandy Morris presents more than a dozen tunes from CBC’s popular and long-running Land and Sea television series—including the opening and closing themes so familiar to everyone who lives in Newfoundland and Labrador.

All of the pieces were composed or arranged by Morris, who has been creating music for the series for the last ten seasons. They evoke the province’s beautiful rural landscapes, its wildlife, and the people showcased every week in the half-hour show.